My name is Ivy.

Ivy is the talented artist behind the Zany NFT collection. She started drawing at the tender age of six when she discovered her gift. After bagging a degree in engineering, she decided to pursue her life-long dream of being an artist.

After attending a few watercolor painting workshops, she fell in love with the technique because it empowered her to express her inner creativity and imagination fully.

Ivy’s addiction to art led her to infuse modern technology into her work. She dabbled into digital arts and now uses digital tools to bring the objects of wildest imaginations to life.

Zany was inspired by Ivy’s admiration for people who lead carefree, casual and funny lives. The collection was also inspired by people who go through life without worrying about what other people think about them. They live life on their terms without pressure.  they are in a constant state of peace and happiness.

they are in a constant state of peace and happiness.

Franklin’s are family—the many from One.


$NET is a new token that the MLN project has just issued. The primary purpose of the $NET token is to serve as the default currency during pre-sale and airdrop events for every first batch of NFT Collections launched on the MLN platform.

In other words, during the preliminary stages of every new NFT collection, MLN will airdrop some NFTs through the $NET token and place $NET orders depending on the price of the first batch of the NFT collection.